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COVID19 Adjustments for Gifts to your Church

As we work through the day to day issues of being mostly at home and since we are not having church gatherings until the danger of COVID19 has passed, details of our “normal” life are changing constantly.  One side effect of not meeting together on Sunday mornings is the absence of our regular giving to the church budget.  Church expenses don’t go away because we are not in church on Sunday mornings, so it is important that we continue our tithes and offerings as we are able during this time.


Traditional ways other than Sunday morning offering plate giving:

  1.  Take your check by the church (in an envelope if you want) and slip it under the north door.  You can do this any time.
  2. Take your check to the Bank of Commerce – McLean and ask them to deposit it to the McLean or the Heald UMC.  The current lobby hours are 9am – 1pm.  You can take a check made out to the church inside and they will make the deposit for you or you can drop a check made out to the church into the night depository box in the entryway.
  3. If you bank at McLean, you can call the bank at 806-779-2461 and ask that they transfer funds to the church for you.  You will be asked for identification verification.
  4. Mail your check to the McLean church at PO Box 125, McLean, TX  79057
  5. or to Heald at PO Box 584, McLean, TX  79057.


In addition, we have set up an online giving portal to make our gifts electronically.   You can set up your account on the website by clicking this link for the McLean church.  The easiest way to give online is through an app that you can get from the App store on your phone.  Search  Churches in your area should show up here. If not, search for Heald UMC or for McLean UMC.

You can also copy and paste the following link into your web browser to access the website for giving.  It should give you the options of the churches in your area who use this service.  If the church you want is not listed, go back a couple of screens and search the church you want.


No one will see your transactions except church personnel.  You have two options:  

  1. Use a credit or debit card, just like you purchase things online, or
  2. Put the routing information for your checking account in your account information and the funds you request to have sent are routed from your account to the church.

There are fees that the church will pay for the online banking options….30 cents per transaction plus 2.9% for debit or credit and 1% for online check.

There is also a box you can check if you want to pay the fee instead of the church being charged for it.  Either way, and as always, your tithes and offerings are a blessing to the ongoing ministry for our churches and are very much appreciated.


If you haven't caught the YouTube messages, Thacker and Casey Carter will be teaming up again this week to send out a YouTube message on Sunday morning.  The Bible Study that they have been doing for a while now on Wednesday nights is also on YouTube.  

Go to and search for One Way Church McLean Texas to find these videos.  They will be live-streamed or you can watch them at a later time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as the church works through these issues.  Pray with us for one another for “Faith, not Fear” as we navigate the coming weeks.



Connection in Action

*Angel Tree Ministry for Christmas giving - benefits more than 60 children per year.

*Nursing Home Ministry - alternates with other local churches to provide a church service for the residents of the McLean Care Center. This is on the 2nd Sunday of each month. We also have a group who leads a Sunday School class for the residents each week.

*Recovery Ministry for Addictions. Host for AA meetings three nights a week in the Annex South of the McLean church parking lot. Meetings are held Mondays and Fridays at 7:00 pm and on Wednesdays at 8:00 pm.

*Rodeo Club Church - provides supper and a speaker for the members of an area college rodeo club and their sponsors. Heald began this program at the request of the club leadership to help curb the use of alcohol by the students, and the McLean church joined the ministry later. Currently 3 cooking teams from Heald and 3 teams from McLean plus a team from One Way Church and a team from the Clarendon United Methodist Church alternate to provide home cooked meals every week for this Tuesday night meeting, feeding between 40-70 each week. A number of these students have been baptized through this outreach.

Study Together - These groups will not be meeting during the COVID19 measures, but will be back as soon as possible.
McLean UMC and Heald UMC are also collaborating for bible study groups

Sundays at 6:00 ..... She-Woman Study Group at McLean UMC

Wednesdays at 6:00...... Youth - Jr High and Sr High at McLean UMC

and Children's Bible Program Kindergarten - 5th grade at McLean UMC


The One Way Church in McLean also collaborates with McLean and Heald UMC to assist in leadership of the Youth and Children Wednesday night groups.  A meal is served to these groups as well. 

The McLean-Heald Charge is a member of the Northwest Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. For information about the programs of the United Methodist Church worldwide go to

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